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Friday, 11 November 2011 03:36

Honey hunting in Nepal

Hony Hunting is one of the rare activitity that you can see only in Nepal. Twice a year, the Indigenous Gurung and Magar community from the Himalayn foothills of Central Nepal, gather around the high cliffs that are home to the world’s largest honey bee (Apis Laboriosa). This activity of collecting honey is an ancient tradition handed down through generations which require remarkable skills and only undertaken by highly experienced villages. This activity is also considered one of the most risky activities that are performed around the world. The hunters hand from cliffs more than 300m tall with the help of home-made hemp ropes and ladders. The wild bees choose difficult perches high on steep rock faces for their hives. The honey is harvested twice a year, once in April-May and then in October-November. The collected honey has a high market value as it is used for producing several medicines, or at least it can be used as a daily dose of villagers for bread Jam.

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