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How to check expiry date of LPG Cylinder

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Every LPG cylinder has an expiry date. So it is important to know the expiry date of a LPG cylinder because it may lead to hazardous accidents that may could to fatal. 

The Expiry date consists of character A to D and a two digit numeric value.
The A stands for March (1st Qtr), B for June (2nd Qtr), C for September (3rd Qtr) and D for December (4th Qtr). The two digit number depicts the expiry year. So for Example


  A-17 would mean the expiry date is March 2017


  B-17 would mean expiry date is June 2017


D-11 means expiry date is December 2011.

Other safety issues with gas issues

  1. Liquid may jam inside the pipe. So the pipe must be continuously cleaned in an interval of 6-8 months.
  2. The LPG cylinder should be kept in an well ventilated area and the cylinder must be kept in an wooden plate.
  3. The LPG cylinder should be kept away from petroleum products or flammable liquids.
  4. Ensure valves are turned off firmly when not in use.
  5. Never use a naked flame to detect a leak. To check for gas leakage, spray soapy water on any suspect connection or hose and watch for bubbles. If in doubt, turn off the gas and have a licensed gas fitter attend to the hose or connection.


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