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Saaayad - Upcoming Nepali Movie

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Nepali Movie Saayad

The film, SAAYAD, comprises the story of two generations at once - the first generation studying in college and the second already involved in career making after completing their study. It depicts the contemporary trend that is being developed in +2 colleges and its bad impact towards the family and society.

The movie comparatively characterizes the old and the earlier generations on the base of their interests and natures. Nirag, Sambridi, Biju and Deepen are those characters who have already completed their study and are in the process of making their career. The film also encapsulates good many characters who seem to have no keen interest in the college study. Especially they belong to the earlier generation. This generation undergoes a series of gang fight and hostility brought about by the sense of enmity. They are inflicted by drug addiction and to bunk class, to go cinema, disco are the events ordinary to them. Nihal, the younger brother of Nirag is affiliated with this group. However, there are good characters in this generation too like Cheko and Shirish. They are studious and in love with each others.

 The film also dramatizes the issue of sex scandal that is so pervasive in the present among city dwellers in general and college students in particular. Cheko and Shirish unknowingly fall in the same trap after their sex video is deceptively rumoured by the friends and is uploaded in You Tube. Finding no way out, they finally kill themselves. Death thus becomes the only solution for them.

The story moves to the climatic end when Nihal and his group become aggressive violating human lives. Murder, loot, and abduction appear to be the base of their living. Finally Nihal, in confusion, comes to shot at his own brother, Nirag and this event desperately draws Nihal to absolute madness.



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